Welcome new Public Sector User Group Member!

As representatives of the Public Sector User Group (PSUG), we would like to highlight the services that PSUG provides to users in the Public Sector market that may be of value to you as an Oracle customer. The market includes cities, local government, special districts, school districts, states and ports and utilities.

PSUG was created several years ago as Oracle released more products geared towards public sector customers. PSUG users saw the need for a forum in which they could share information about all Oracle products, discuss implementation and operating challenges, network and review technical issues. As members exchange this type of information, leaders in the group pull together questions, comments, issues and proposals that are later presented to Oracle management. By doing so, PSUG serves as a united voice from the Public Sector market.

PSUG membership is free and open to all employees of Public Sector customers that are using Oracle products. There is no formal membership application process; getting involved with the group is as easy as visiting PSUG's website www.psugonline.org to learn about how you can take part in one of PSUG's events or activities:

  • PSUG/HEUG Conference (Alliance): The annual HEUG/PSUG conference (called the Alliance Conference) attracts more than 4500 attendees who come together to talk about their experiences and learn from their colleagues. At last year's conference, nearly 450 presentations on a wide variety of topics were given. Additionally, the conference offers PSUG members the opportunity to interact with vendors and Oracle managers, experts, and developers. The 2006 conference was also the first Alliance conference, integrating not only Higher Education and PSUG users, but also welcomed the Federal Users Network, and the Oracle Higher Education Special Interest Group.
  • PSUG Website: This website contains news, discussions, files, surveys, contacts from our growing member base, as well as access to the HEUG, Federal Users Network and Oracle institutions and members, who are facing the same issues as you. Becoming part of the PSUG website is the quickest and easiest way to start getting involved with SLG.
  • PSUG Monthly conference calls with focus on PeopleSoft Financials (2nd Thursday of the month) and HRMS (1st Tuesday of the month).

PSUG has this and much more to offer new members. As was mentioned earlier, there is no cost to become involved with the group and there is no formal membership application process. An unlimited number of representatives from each institution are permitted to take part in PSUG, regardless of what rank they hold or function they perform. Please feel free to pass this information along to any of your colleagues who are involved with your Oracle projects and who may be interested in taking part in these activities.

An all-volunteer group of users just like you created and continues to develop PSUG. We all welcome your participation and hope that you will choose to become an active contributor within the group.

The Public Sector User Group Board