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HEUG Events App User Guide
To make the most of your event experience, we recommend downloading the HEUG Events App on your mobile device to ensure you have the latest event information. From Attendees to Exhibitors, Event Information, Getting Around, and Social Media, having the HEUG Events App on your phone allows you to have the most important conference information at your fingertips. 
Accessing the App
Download the App: Go to the App Store and download the HEUG Events app: View in Browser: Go to on your browser to instantly access your mobile event guide! Click the event then follow the steps below to login.
Logging into the app is a two step process:
  • Step 1 - Login to Eventsential: Click "Log in" at the top right then click "I have an account!" or "Get Started" to create an Eventsential Account. 
    • Click here for help.
      • You'll know when you're logged into Eventsential when your initials appear in the top right corner. 
  • Step 2 - Login to the conference: Click on the conference name event and log in using the same e-mail address and password that you use to login to your HEUG.Online profile. Please note you will not be able to login to this section of the app until your registration has been paid. 
If you need further help accessing the app please watch the instructional videos below or send a screenshot to

Get Started Using the HEUG Events App

Create Your Schedule Using the HEUG Events App

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