Brisbane,QLD, Australia - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
12-14 June 2019

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Methods

All fees payable in Australian Dollars.
MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and cheques, are accepted.

No purchase orders accepted

Registration fees must be paid in full before rate increase to the next level (i.e. Early-bird to Advanced and so on). If payment is not received, registrations will be canceled and attendees must re-register at the prevailing higher rate.

Group Payments

An institution’s credit or procurement card can be used to pay an individual or multiple registrations by having the attendee register and indicate payment by cheque or by group payment. The registrant will be provided an Order number and Order Key that can be used in the instructions below to pay for one or more invoices:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Order Id and the Order Key provided
  3. Click the 'Add' button. The window will be updated displaying the invoice information and cost.
  4. If you wish to pay for additional invoices at the same time, enter the Order Id and the Order Key for each of those invoices, clicking the 'Add' button after each one.
  5. When you have entered all the invoices you wish to pay, click the 'Done' button to proceed to the payment window.
  6. A window will display listing all the invoices to be paid and a total for these invoices. If everything is correct, click the 'Pay with Credit Card' button at the bottom and you will be passed to our credit card payment window to complete the transaction

Payments by Cheque 

Payments by cheque must be received prior to the rate cut-off date for the amount being paid. If you are paying by cheque, the registration web server will generate an invoice, which you should print and send with the cheque (payable to "Higher Education User Group" in AUS funds). If you are paying for multiple invoices, please include a copy of each invoice. Mail payments to:

Higher Education User Group
Julie Brisotto c/o Cooper Reeves
PO Box 470
Salisbury, QLD 4107

Payments by Wire Transfer

To access our account information for wire transfer purposes, please contact



  • For Alliance Down Under Support, email us at
    Alliance Down Under is hosted & managed by the Higher Education User Group.