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A limited number of exhibitor presentations are available at no additional cost. In order for your session to be considered, you must first be an exhibitor at the event. It is important to note that we usually have more session proposals than we can have presented in one day. In proposing a session that is to be considered for the agenda, two elements are important. First, the session must be of a generic nature discussing a technology or user functionality with which your company is involved, not a specific sales demo. Second, a presentation done jointly with a HEUG member institution using your services will get primary consideration. For additional information regarding session submissions please contact Tom Chambers (

Recommendations for Exhibitor Presentations 

  • Historically, attendee selection of exhibitor sessions has been much higher the earlier exhibitor sessions are submitted and visible to attendees. It is imperative that ALL exhibitor session submissions be submitted prior to the agenda being published to ensure that your session can be selected as attendees prepare their personal conference agendas.
  • Exhibitors should avoid including any sales type references of any type (e.g. "our product compares well with brand x and in fact, we can offer all of you a great discount because you came to this session today").
  • If submitting as a co-presenter with a client, be sure to have your client keep you informed as sessions are selected and scheduled as these notices are sent to the primary presenter only.

Presenter Notes

  • All regular sessions must have 50 minutes of content prior to Q&A.
  • Exhibitors may be co-presenters only if they are also an exhibitor at the conference. No exceptions will be made. If you are not sure about the status of one of your co-presenters that is an exhibitor, please contact the for clarification.
  • All Oracle employee presentations must be approved by the Oracle representative to the conference.
  • Meeting Rooms - All meeting rooms are equipped with LCD projector, screen, and wireless Internet access. Presenters must bring their own laptop and any adaptors if applicable. VGA-Connectors will be provided in each room, however, if you need a different converter (ie. HDMI, DVI, Apple, etc.), please bring with you.
  • PowerPoint Template Coming Soon - Speakers are not required to use this PowerPoint template.
  • We highly encourage you to upload your presentation and/or handouts before the conference.

Submission Tips

Best Practices for Descriptions and Tags

To assist attendees in searching and understanding the content of your session, we encourage submitters to review the tips below during the submission process. By following these simple tips, you should increase both the quality and clarity of your proposal and make it easier for attendees to determine if the session is appropriate for them.

Session Description and Tags:
  • Product names should be spelled out, such as E-Business Suite, Hyperion, Oracle, and PeopleSoft.
  • Module or application names should be spelled out, such as General Ledger (not GL) or Student Records (not SR).
  • The first reference to a version should be spelled out, such as Release 12 (for R12) or Version 9.0 (for 9.0).
  • Use the terms 'delivered' or 'customized' to describe the level of customization.
Session Description Only:
  • Session descriptions (available online only) are limited to 1000 characters.
  • Use third-person, not second-person pronouns. In the case of an institution, say 'it' or 'its', not 'we' or 'our'.
  • The first reference to an institution or company should be the full name.
  • Include the country when listing regulations.